clear aligner therapy

Clear Aligner Therapy in Creve Coeur MO

Clear aligner therapy is gradually rising in demand, and there is a good chance that someone you know is presently using it as an orthodontic treatment option. If you are also interested in orthodontic treatment, you probably have some questions about the numerous options. Why not fix an appointment with us at our dental practice …

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phase I treatment

Phase I Treatment | Creve Coeur MO

The teeth and jaw of children are delicate, fragile, and prone to dental issues. Such a potential problem makes it essential to take your kids for immediate assessment to detect and fix dental problems before permanent teeth erupt. Phase I or early orthodontic treatment is the dental treatment that is done before your child’s permanent …

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Clear Braces in Creve Coeur MO

Clear braces can help correct dental misalignment and adjust the teeth without looking conspicuous like traditional metal braces. For your clear braces, Olive Orthodontics is the ideal dental practice to turn to. We are dedicated to offering excellent and compassionate dental procedures. Our clear braces are highly durable and can help you achieve the bright …

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Invisalign for Adults in Creve Coeur MO

Many of our patients are concerned about the impressions they will create by putting on braces as an adult. At Brackets Wires and Smiles, we have a treatment procedure that is not visible and won’t make people know that you’re undergoing dental treatment. This treatment procedure is termed Invisalign. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is an …

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early orthodontic

Dentofacial Orthodontics in Creve Coeur

Early orthodontic treatment is recommended for children. Also, your orthodontist may suggest this treatment before braces. For dental orthopedics in Creve Coeur, Olive Orthodontics is the ideal dental practice to turn to. We offer outstanding and compassionate dental services. At Olive Orthodontics, our dental specialists use specialized tools such as expanders or Herbst appliances to …

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surgical orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics in Creve Coeur

Surgical orthodontics can be done to correct oral issues, including teeth and jaw issues, independently. The procedure is suitable for patients who cannot use appliances or braces. For your surgical orthodontics in Creve Coeur, Olive Orthodontics is the ideal dental practice to visit. We are dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate dental services. What is …

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Clear Aligner Treatment Near Me, Creve Coeur MO

Clear aligner treatment is an excellent treatment option for people who need orthodontic care but do not want people to know. Wearing brackets and wires is no longer fashionable. In fact, it is unnecessary to announce to everyone that you want to get your teeth aligned when you have a way of doing it effectively …

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adult orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics in Creve Couer MO

Orthodontic treatments are not just for kids and teens. Adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatments. Actually, one in four orthodontics patients is an adult. This shows that many adults are beginning to appreciate the many benefits of adult orthodontics.  What Are the Benefits Of Adult Orthodontics?  Some of the specific benefits of adult orthodontics …

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Teen Orthodontics in Creve Coeur MO

What is Teen Orthodontics?  Teen orthodontics is an umbrella term used to describe all kinds of orthodontic procedures that are beneficial to teens. It involves all the dental procedures and appliances that can be used to correct dental problems in teens and enhance their smiles. It offers several benefits, including a confidence boost and improved …

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Interceptive Early Treatment in Creve Coeur MO

Ideally, most orthodontic treatments start around the age of 14. At this age, most permanent teeth have fully emerged, and the jaw structure is not likely to change drastically in the future. There are instances, however, when orthodontic treatment starts much earlier. This is what is referred to as interceptive early treatment.  Is Interceptive Early …

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