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The teeth and jaw of children are delicate, fragile, and prone to dental issues. Such a potential problem makes it essential to take your kids for immediate assessment to detect and fix dental problems before permanent teeth erupt. Phase I or early orthodontic treatment is the dental treatment that is done before your child’s permanent teeth erupt. For your Phase I Treatment, Olive Orthodontics is the ideal dental practice to turn to.

What is Phase I Treatment?

The Phase I treatment is also known as early orthodontic treatment. This treatment is the type of treatment that is offered to children around the age of seven. This treatment is given to children before they grow their permanent teeth. As such, this gives ample time and opportunity to prevent the wrong formation of the teeth and correction of existing dental issues.

The Need for Phase I Treatment

This phase of treatment helps to correct some behaviors and conditions that promote bad oral health amongst children. These include:

  • Sucking of fingers
  • Modification of palate growth
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Space maintenance

Treatment Devices 

The Phase 1 treatment may also involve the use of space maintainers to anchor the growth of permanent teeth and preventing or correcting teeth crowding. The aim of the Phase I treatment is to prepare the jaw and make it ready for the eruption and the aligned arrangement of the permanent teeth.


At Olive Orthodontics, we offer consultations to compile information to help us determine your child’s problems and design ways to fix them. We achieve this by:

  • Taking X-rays to assess the pattern of your child’s teeth development.
  • Using the X-rays to analyze and determine if the child will need any support to ensure proper teeth eruption.

Phase I treatments are typically short and elapse as the permanent teeth begin to erupt.

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