Interceptive Early Treatment in Creve Coeur MO

Ideally, most orthodontic treatments start around the age of 14. At this age, most permanent teeth have fully emerged, and the jaw structure is not likely to change drastically in the future. There are instances, however, when orthodontic treatment starts much earlier. This is what is referred to as interceptive early treatment. 

Is Interceptive Early Treatment Really Important? 

Most people will not need interceptive treatment or early orthodontic treatment. This is because primary/temporary teeth will all make way for secondary/permanent teeth, and most dental issues in the early days can be corrected when the permanent teeth are erupting. 

There are a few dental issues that will need to be corrected as early as possible, however. The purpose of early intervention is always to prevent future orthodontic issues. Interceptive early treatment can be completed during the mixed dentition phase (when some baby teeth and some permanent teeth are present in the mouth). 

Who Is A Candidate For Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment? 

As hinted earlier, most kids with dental issues will not need early orthodontic treatment because the issues will be corrected when permanent teeth are replacing the milk teeth. However, a child will be a candidate for interceptive early treatment in the following cases:

  • Crowded teeth – that is too severe and potentially problematic 
  • Gapped teeth – especially excessively spaced teeth that can lead to problems in the future 
  • Underbite – with the lower jaw pushed too far forward that the lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth 
  • Jaw irregularity – especially abnormal jaw sizes and narrow dental arches 
  • Other discrepancies – like missing teeth, extra teeth, or severely misaligned teeth. Again, children whose jaws and teeth have been affected by thumb-sucking or long-term pacifiers may also need interceptive early treatment. 

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