Clear Aligner Treatment Near Me, Creve Coeur MO

Clear aligner treatment is an excellent treatment option for people who need orthodontic care but do not want people to know. Wearing brackets and wires is no longer fashionable. In fact, it is unnecessary to announce to everyone that you want to get your teeth aligned when you have a way of doing it effectively without anyone knowing. 

What Are Clear Aligners? 

Clear aligners are invisible aligners that are used for orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner treatment is a relatively new approach to orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners instead of the traditional bracket and wire aligners. 

Like the traditional aligners used in dentistry, clear aligners are effective in treating misaligned or crooked teeth. In addition to being invisible, clear aligners are removable. They offer convenience and flexibility, which is basically why they have become very popular in orthodontic dentistry. 

What Is The Purpose Of Clear Aligner Treatment? 

The purpose of clear aligner treatment is to correct orthodontic issues, especially misaligned and crooked teeth. They can also effectively treat other dental issues, including: 

  • Crowded teeth 
  • Overbites 
  • Underbites 
  • Diastema 
  • Open bites 
  • Misaligned primary teeth. 

What Are The Benefits Of Clear Aligner Treatment? 

Clear aligner treatment offers several benefits, including: 

  • Aesthetic – since they are nearly invisible, it is impossible for untrained eyes to see that you are wearing aligners. 
  • Comfort – clear aligners are comfortable to wear, unlike brackets and wires. Again, they do not require awkward adjustments. 
  • Better Oral Hygiene – clear aligners make cleaning your teeth easier and more efficient. They are removable, allowing you to brush and floss, as well as clean them properly before wearing them again.  

The Right Place to Get Clear Aligner Treatment 

Do you have a teeth alignment issue or any of the other conditions highlighted above? Getting clear aligners can be beneficial to you. If you are wondering the right place to get aligners, then we are happy to inform you that Olive Orthodontics is a wonderful place. Dr. Ashok Rohra and his team will give you VIP treatment every time you visit. Contact us to book an appointment.