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Braces Near Me, Creve Coeur MO

Many individuals get braces at a young age, but adults can also get them too. As you put them on, braces gradually align and straighten your teeth so you have a normal bite. At our practice, we are committed to offering excellent and compassionate dental services. Our braces are durable, effective, and will serve your needs for an extended period.

How do Braces Work?

Dental braces are a kind of orthodontic treatment that specialized dentists use to help correct crooked or overcrowded teeth. Some benefits of braces are

  • The procedure involves less dental work
  • Dental braces are easier to maintain and clean
  • Braces help to improve confidence
  • Braces function better than other treatments for crooked or overcrowded teeth

Procedure for Braces

After picking a treatment plan, our experienced team takes pictures of the patient’s mouth, face, and teeth, including X-rays if the patient does not have recent ones, we will also make molds of the patient’s teeth. All of this information will help our specialist plan exactly how the patient’s braces need to go on and serve as the initial point from which we track the patient’s progress as the teeth begin to adjust and your bite corrects. 

When the patient arrives for their appointment, our trusted team will start by cleaning and then drying the patient’s teeth, ensuring that the metal will correctly stick to each tooth. After this cleaning, the patient’s mouth is ready for braces. The first step in placing the hardware is to connect a bracket, the square piece that supports the wires, to each of the patient’s teeth. The brackets are attached to teeth with adhering glue, which the patient might taste a little as they’re rubbed across their mouth. 

After we fix them onto all of the essential teeth, our trusted team will link a wire from bracket to bracket and fix it by placing tiny bands on top of it. This is an exciting step for children, as they can choose different colors for their bands. The process of receiving braces should not be painful, but it might take up to two hours.

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