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Adult Orthodontics in Creve Couer MO

Orthodontic treatments are not just for kids and teens. Adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatments. Actually, one in four orthodontics patients is an adult. This shows that many adults are beginning to appreciate the many benefits of adult orthodontics. 

What Are the Benefits Of Adult Orthodontics? 

Some of the specific benefits of adult orthodontics include: 

  • It can correct most dental alignment issues, improving your smile 
  • It can significantly improve your facial appearance 
  • It can help you get healthy teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime 
  • It can help to promote good oral hygiene, resulting in a healthier mouth. 

Treatment Options 

Another wonderful thing about adult orthodontics is that it allows for different treatment options. Adults who are not comfortable with traditional braces can choose other treatment options. The major treatment options include:

  • Traditional Braces – which normally consist of brackets, elastic bands, and an arch wire. 
  • Damon Braces – which are more of self-litigating appliances, using slide mechanism in place of elastic bands. 
  • Invisalign – which are clear plastic aligners that are custom-made for patients to correct specific alignment issues. 
  • Lingual Braces – which are also called invisible braces and are placed on the interior side of the teeth. 

There is also something called surgical orthodontics. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Ashok Rohra, will only recommend this if it is the best way to correct your specific dental issue. Other treatment options the dentist may recommend are our in-house clear aligners, accelerated orthodontic treatment, and orthodontic emergencies. 

Why Choose Olive Orthodontics for Adult Orthodontics? 

There are many reasons to choose Olive Orthodontics over other options. One of the major reasons is the fact that we offer personalized treatment plans that will meet your specific needs. Regardless of how old you are, our adult orthodontics care will help you and your adult loved ones maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. 

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