Advanced Technology

Here at Olive Orthodontics, we provide the best quality orthodontic care using the most advanced technology and modern techniques to make your treatment highly effective, comfortable and pain-free.

Digital X-rays

Tremendous advances have been made ever since digital radiography was introduced to dentistry practice. Digital dental X-rays imaging (or digital X-rays) uses digital X-ray sensors instead of the often uncomfortable traditional X-ray film to provide enhanced images of your teeth and mouth cavity in real-time. This helps with accurate diagnosis of your dental problems to provide you with high quality, individualized treatment.

Digital X-rays reduces your radiation exposure by more than 75%. That means your dental exam is not only comfortable but also safer. We project the images of your teeth live on the screen where you and the Dr. Rohra can view. This way, we will be able to see every detail of your teeth in their current state so to propose a solution quickly and accurately. Because digital scans are developed almost immediately, your waiting time is greatly reduced.

Digital Impressions

Traditional tray-and-putty dental impressions can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. But with our digital impressions scanner, it is much faster and easier to generate an accurate impression of your mouth.

Using a handheld wand, Dr. Rohra takes highly accurate digital intra-oral impressions, ensuring that all details are captured. The images quickly appear on a tablet as 3D models of your teeth. A simple tap on the screen ensures your digital impressions are processed much quicker.

Intraoral Camera

We also use an intraoral camera to help us view those hard to reach areas in the mouth, showing the way your teeth and bite are aligned. And the best part is we project the images on the nearby screen so you and Dr. Rohra can view them together and discuss your treatment option.

By using these advanced technologies in our office, we can make your Orthodontic visit as comfortable and efficient as possible. Contact us today.

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